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With the pandemic still going full swing, we've come to realize how much more important the local streaming and gaming spaces have become, and how crucial it was that these spaces be given an opportunity to grow and become bigger than ever as they have become in a way a haven for interconnection!

Because of this, we want to support the local scene in whatever way that we are able to, and part of that includes hosting awesome events like these and more at our Showroom & Experience Centre!

Recently, we had the opportunity to host an event for Melvallous!

We are truly fortunate and excited to have had her community join us at the INVADERPC Showroom to celebrate her 4th Twitch Partner Anniversary. What a milestone!

Here are some pictures from Mel's event, as well as a sneak peak of what you can expect to see in the coming months, especially with the official launch of our showroom during the March IT Show Festival 2022! ?

16 Kallang Pl, #01-19/20/21, Singapore 339156